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The fourth edition of the refresher course on " the Design of Roads " will be given at the Politecnico di Milano, Italy, in three consecutive FRIDAYS and a SATURDAY, (29 May,  5 - 12 - 13 June 1998). The course is full immersion, it will take 32 hours of lessons, and will consist of documentation, operating workshops on the use of software and other research materials; there will be the participation of external expert teachers, and a final study trip to visit works and realizations. Official language is Italian, French lectures will be simultaneously translated to Italian. The course will distribute to the enrolled an annual dossier of documentation, software with reviews of materials from the Internet, case studies, bibliographical legal and normative data bases.
The course is addressed to engineers, architects, planners, technicians, professionals and responsibles of the traffic, urban planning, environmental departments of local agencies; moreover it is addressed to simple citizens interested participating in the design of its own urban environment. The course will release to the participants a final certificate.

During the three days the course will face three main topics:
The requalification of the main roads, their insertion in the landscape and in the urban environment. The evolution of the culture of the road design, in projects, plans and realisations in the best European experiences.

2) From the norm to the plan: city streets, the urban planning, traffic plans. A review of the Italian norms and laws in relation with the design of roads (the Traffic Act, the NRC Regulations, Directives for the Traffic Plans, Urban Planning rules, regulations for bicycle tracks, parkings, the defence of pedestrian...); besides some local traffic plans dealing with strategies for the requalification of the street space will be analyzed (Corsico, Villasanta, Melegnano...).

3) From the norm to the handbook. International experiences: Traffic Calming and city quality in different countries of the EC. Comparison of norms and approaches. Typologies of solutions for the TC (residential areas, Zones 30, physical TC devices, city qualification...). European handbooks comparison (VSS, CETUR, EAE, HMSO, ITE, CNR...).

The Workshops will be dealing with three topics:
- the use of the
bibliographical and normative data-base on transportation, a floppy disk available from the course, containing files in Windows Cardfile and HTML format, and other technical documentation.
- Traffic plans (PUT) and
simulation models: Happy-Trails a software worked out at Politecnico di Milano.
Resources in network: the Internet, the Web, the Newsgroups. Archives, data-base and documentation centers on the design of roads; plans, projects, handbooks and other resources available on line.

The teachers of the course are:
Lydia Bonanomi, IREC-EPFL, Lausanne (CH)
Giampaolo Corda, DST, Politecnico di Milano
Giuseppe Di Giampietro, DST, Politecnico di Milano
Bruno Gandino, Urbafor, Turin
Maurizio Giacomazzi, ing.ETHZ/SIA/OTIA, Locarno (TI -CH)
Giorgio Goggi, DST, Politecnico di Milano
Luca Guerrini, DVTM, Politecnico di Milano
Andreas Kipar, Land srl, Milan
Anna Moretti, DST (director of the course)
Luciano Minotti, Centro Studi PIM, Milan
Federico Oliva, DST, Politecnico di Milano
Raffaele Pugliese, DPA, Politecnico di Milano
Paola Villani, DST, Politecnico di Milano

Information and enrolment:
Ufficio Istruzione Permanente Architettura, arch. Daniela Guaita - Politecnico di Milano, via Bonardi, 3 - 20133 Milan, Italy tel +(0039) 2-2399-2630 fax +(0039) 2-2399-2631
or directly to the coordinator of the course: Giuseppe Di Giampietro, arch. ph.D.
For real time information on appointments, topics, available documentation of the course, there is a web site to consult from which some material can be downloaded, as the registration form, at the URL:
(this site)

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